Frank Brennan


Religious Freedom Review: report of the expert panel

In late 2017, an expert panel was established to examine whether Australian law adequately protects the human right to freedom of religion. This report was delivered to the Australian government in May 2018 and has now finally been released.

Human Rights Act door still swinging

WHEN the Rudd Government announced its Human Rights Framework in response to the National Human Rights Consultation, I described it as a welcome though incomplete addition to protection of human rights in Australia. Many human rights activists have been very despairing about the government's response...

A progress report on the national human rights consultation

At the end of 2008 the Rudd Governement set up a committee to examine whether Australian needs a bill of rights.

Reflections on social justice: asylum seekers and refugees in Australia

The essays complement Fr Brennan's lecture, focusing on the issues surrounding Australia's treatment of asylum seekers and include pieces from Justice Pierre Slicer, Tony Richardson, Prof Margaret Reynolds, Dr Alison Alexander and Rev Dr Jim Young. Lawyer, priest and social justice advocate Frank Brennan delivered...

Developing just refugee policies in Australia

The governmen's rhetoric presumes that all boat people are trying to jump the queue. We treat them as criminals until they can prove they are refugees, locking them up in the desert to send a message to their countrymen. This policy presumes we can isolate...