John Simon

Discussion paper

The property ladder after the financial crisis: the first step is a stretch but those who make it are doing ok

This paper investigates how things have changed since the global financial crisis for those stepping onto the property ladder in Australia.
Journal article

Price incentives and consumer payment behaviour

Participation in a loyalty program and access to an interest-free period tend to increase credit card use at the expense of alternative payment methods, according to this paper. Using transaction-level data, the authors find that a loyalty program increases the probability of credit card use...

Productivity growth: the effect of market regulations

This paper explores the effects of product and labour market regulation on growth in total factor productivity (TFP) using panel data from 1974–2003 for 18 OECD countries. Our regressions are specified so that labour and product market regulations can affect productivity both individually and in...
Conference paper

Three Australian asset-price bubbles

This paper will examine three occasions when Australia has experienced asset-price bubbles: the land bubble in Melbourne in the 1880s; the Poseidon nickel bubble of 1969–1970; and the stock and property market bubbles of the late 1980s.