Marni Cordell


Travel bugs

Overview: Globalisation has ushered us into an era where the ability to travel almost anywhere in the world is at our fingertips. As more and more people hit the road, seeking out cultures and places previous generations could only dream of ever seeing, many unexpected...

The future of journalism needs journalists

The ABC's Mark Scott likes describing the media future as a 'town square' but is very quiet on how investigative journalism fits in, writes Marni Cordell in New Matilda IT’S OFFICIAL: ABC managing director Mark Scott (pictured) is the darling of new media. He's been...

AFP expansion: this is not a theme park

Facing a storm of criticism for the conduct of its officers in the Solomon Islands and East Timor in particular, the Australia Federal Police has been forced to significantly re-evaluate its approach to offshore policing over the past three years — not just on the...