Cristina Neesham

Cristina Neesham is a social philosopher and business ethicist with extensive experience in management skills development. Her research in business ethics education, philosophy of management, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and public policy has been published in leading academic journals and book series in these fields. Cristina has previously taught at Monash University, the University of Adelaide, the University of Melbourne, and the Bucharest University of Economics; and is now Senior Lecturer at Swinburne University. Over the last ten years she has designed and/or delivered postgraduate level units in business ethics, business strategy (MBA), critical thinking and problem solving (MBA), corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and sustainable organisational design, as well as undergraduate units in similar subjects. Cristina has consulted in business ethics, strategic management, corporate governance and leadership skills development for a variety of organisations, from multinationals and small businesses to government agencies and NGOs. Prior to joining the academia in 2005, she also worked as an adviser, workplace inspector and team manager in the Australian Public Service. Cristina is currently leading a research project in ethical capability building, supported by a national competitive grant within CPA Australia's Global Research Perspectives. She serves as subject matter expert in ethics and governance for CPA Australia's professional accreditation program. Cristina is also Chair of the Social Issues in Management Research Committee of the Academy of Management, Section Editor for the Journal of Business Ethics and Secretary of the Australasian Business Ethics Network. She is Section Editor of the Springer Handbook of Philosophy of Management, and Editorial Board member of the Springer Encyclopaedia of Business and Professional Ethics, the Philosophy of Management journal and the Journal of Philosophical Economics. Cristina is a member of the Strategic Management Society.
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Building ethical capability for accounting professionals: a needs analysis study

The purpose of this project is to identify ethical capability needs of Australian accounting professionals and produce policy recommendations that can inform future measures to improve ethical behaviours and culture in the profession, as well as the design of an ethical capability building program.