Simon Graham

Simon Graham works on infrastructure, transport and built environment projects, as well as the policy implications of ClimateWorks’ research.

Prior to joining ClimateWorks, Simon worked at the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) at UNSW, where he analysed long-term economic indicators in Australia and authored reports on topics such as Australia’s retirement income system and discrimination in the mature-age workforce.


Moving to zero: accelerating the transition to zero-emissions transport

This publication is Australia’s first comprehensive guide to reaching zero emissions in the transportation sector. It draws from an extensive survey of over 300 reports, research papers, news articles and transport policy documents, which where were collated over nine months.

Retirement income in Australia: Part I – Overview

The Australian retirement income system has been largely a success story. It ranks among the best in the world. It provides reasonable and improving retirement outcomes and remains sustainable despite population ageing, which in Australia is taking place at a slower pace than average. This...

Retirement income in Australia: Part II – Public support

In part two of this three-part research brief series, we focus on the public element of retirement income provision in Australia, primarily related to the Age Pension. This research brief discusses pension policy trends, the design of pension access, benefit level, and means testing, as...
Briefing paper

Cognitive ageing and decline: Insights from recent research

This research brief explores the impacts of cognitive ageing and decline on individuals, as well as on the wider Australian economy.