Sonja Pedell


Using technology to create ‘a better visit’ for people living with dementia

While much media reporting portrays technology as a cause of social withdrawal, a research project by Dementia Australia, Lifeview Residential Care and Swinburne University’s Future Self and Design Living Lab is enhancing communication between people with dementia and their visitors using an iPad. The project...
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Co-designing the waiting room of the future: considering a combination of the spatial, service, and technology layer through the lens of patients’ emotions

This paper demonstrates an emotion-led design approach, and associated co-design methods, intended to help create medical waiting rooms where patients feel welcomed and cared-for.
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Co-designing time to chat, to reflect, to get it right: young designers learn from older adults co-creating toolkits for peer-to-peer information sessions

Government bodies create programs encouraging seniors to remain active and independent for maintaining quality of life. Typically, councils engage design studios to design active ageing programs where the designer/client interaction is paramount. This study aimed to find out what happens when taking the time to...
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Design standards and disability: limitations in person-centred home modifications

Falls are a significant problem for older adults which affect their ability to maintain their independence and remain living at home. Home modifications are a common method to prevent falls. Fall prevention service providers follow the Australian Standard 1428.1 Design for access and mobility as...
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Caring for carers of people with dementia: A protocol for harnessing innovation through deploying leading edge technologies to enable virtual support groups and services

In rural Australia, knowledge and utilisation of support by informal carers is lacking. Developing and improving access to peer support to enable carers to effectively cope with the challenges of caring may positively influence their caring experience.