David S. Brennan

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Dental health of Australia's teenagers and pre-teen children

Teenage children have been identified as being at increased risk of dental disease, and among pre-teen children nearly half of all 6 year olds had a history of decay in their baby teeth. The Child Dental Health Survey provides national information on the dental health...

Oral health of health cardholders attending for dental care in the private and public sectors

Health cardholders such as age pensioners and the unemployed have government entitlement cards and are eligible for public dental care. Health cardholders who visit a public dentist have a similar level of oral health and receive similar dental care as those who visit a private...

Oral health of adults in the public dental sector

This report presents findings from adult patients receiving public dental care. Patients eligible for public dental care are primarily holders of government entitlement cards such as aged pensioners and the unemployed. Findings are presented on tooth loss, dental caries and periodontal disease, and comparisons are...

Practice activity patterns of dentists in Australia: trends over time by age of patients

Such changes in oral health, demographics and use of services are expected to impact on the practice activity of dentists. This report presents findings from The Longitudinal Study of Dentists’ Practice Activity, based on a random sample of dentists surveyed at five-year intervals since 1983-84...

The dental labour force in Australia: the position and policy directions

This publication presents an overview of the aggregate shortage of the dental labour force and considers the policy directions to close the supply-demand gap. While both short-term and long-term directions are presented, the focus is on longer term directions for Australia to develop a sustainable...