Christopher Dowling


Improving police risk assessment of domestic violence: a follow-up validation study

This study examines the predictive validity of ACT Policing’s refined Family Violence Risk Assessment Tool, which exhibited a good overall level of accuracy in predicting repeat domestic violence within the sample that was used to develop it.

Understanding and preventing internet-facilitated radicalisation

This paper reviews available research on how the internet facilitates radicalisation and measures to prevent it. It briefly canvasses evidence on the extent to which the internet contributes to radicalisation broadly, and who is most susceptible to its influence, before delving further into the mechanisms...

The role of depression in intimate partner homicide perpetrated by men against women: an analysis of sentencing remarks

This study explores the role of offender depression within a sample of 199 cases of male-perpetrated intimate partner homicide in Australia, as described by judges in sentencing remarks.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs and domestic violence

In this paper, the authors explore the prevalence and patterns of recorded domestic violence offending among outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members in New South Wales. They then compare domestic violence offending among a sample of OMCG members and other male offenders who committed their first...

Crime by outlaw motorcycle gang members during club conflicts

This study examines the trends in and spatial distribution of recorded offending by Australian outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) affiliates at the onset of a territorial conflict between two clubs in the state of New South Wales.