Christopher Dowling

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Policing repeat domestic violence: would focused deterrence work in Australia?

Focused deterrence approaches to domestic violence have been developed in the US to increase offender accountability and ensure appropriately targeted responses to victims. This paper uses recent Australian research to explore the feasibility of adapting this model to an Australian context.

Australian outlaw motorcycle gang involvement in violent and organised crime

This paper examines offending by outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members, chapters and gangs, with a focus on violent and organised crime-type offending, using criminal history data for a large sample of Australian OMCG members known to law enforcement.

Female perpetrated domestic violence: prevalence of self-defensive and retaliatory violence

Differences between male and female perpetrated domestic violence are widely acknowledged. However, there is a lack of Australian data on the circumstances of female perpetrated violence. The findings in this report highlight the different motivations for female perpetrated domestic violence, and the importance of understanding...

Predicting repeat domestic violence: improving police risk assessment

The results of this study provide further, albeit tentative, support for the importance of accounting for police and other short-term responses when measuring the accuracy of domestic violence (DV) risk assessment tools.

How do police use CCTV footage in criminal investigations?

This study examines how police use CCTV footage in criminal investigations. Structured interviews were conducted with 146 sworn members of the NSW Police Force who had recently requested footage from the NSW rail system’s network of CCTV cameras.