Laurie Laybourn-Langton

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Our responsibility: a new model of international cooperation for the era of environmental breakdown

This paper outlines proposals for a new model of international cooperation as a means of building a positive-sum system capable of better responding to environmental breakdown. Using the United Kingdom as a case study, the paper explores the role one nation can play in helping...
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Inheriting the Earth? The unprecedented challenge of environmental breakdown for younger generations

This paper explores the challenge faced by younger generations, and those yet born, resulting from environmental breakdown. It looks at the measures that can be taken to ameliorate this inter-generational injustice. In doing so, it seeks to help advance environmental improvement, sustainable development, and to...
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Facing the crisis: rethinking economics for the age of environmental breakdown

This is the first in a series of six discussion papers that seeks to inform debate about the relationship between policy, politics and environmental breakdown, supporting education in economic, social and political sciences. This paper explores the role of social and economic systems, and the...

This is a crisis: facing up to the age of environmental breakdown

Human impacts on the environment have reached a critical stage, potentially eroding the conditions upon which socioeconomic stability is possible. This paper argues that three shifts in understanding across political and policy communities are required: of the scale and pace of environmental breakdown, the implications...
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The digital Commonwealth: from private enclosure to collective benefit

Digital technology could deliver enormous socio-economic benefits across Britain. At the moment, the development and adoption of these and future technologies have been almost entirely market-led, with little to no strategic policy response from governments around the world.