Lily Trimboli


The nature of bail breaches in NSW

Describes the type of bail conditions imposed on defendants in New South Wales and the nature of bail breaches.

Assessing the impact of NSW’s Safer Pathway Program on recorded crime outcomes – an aggregate-level analysis

The Safer Pathway program has only had a limited effect on the incidence of domestic violence (DV) in NSW, according to this report released by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

Outcome evaluation of NSW’s Safer Pathway Program: victims’ experiences

This study aimed to find whether the Safer Pathway program is more effective in reducing domestic violence related offences (e.g. physical assault, threats of physical assault, intimidation) than the conventional response to such offences.

Persons convicted of breaching Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders: their characteristics and penalties

Aims: To describe the characteristics of those found guilty of breaching an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) in NSW in 2013 and the principal penalties they received. Method: BOCSAR’s Criminal Courts database provided information regarding the demographic characteristics of, and penalties imposed on, a cohort...

Legal service for defendants in Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) proceedings: an evaluation

Aims: To determine: 1) whether providing legal advice to defendants in Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) proceedings reduces the frequency with which ADVOs are breached; 2) what defendants and stakeholders think about the pilot legal advice service provided to defendants by Legal Aid NSW. Methods...