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Development and optimisation of low-carbon, affordable, medium-rise modular structural system using innovative connections

Due to the increasing rates of urbanisation and the ever growing urban population, it is inferable that the demand on multi-story construction industry will continue to increase. In Australia, having an urban population of approximately 21 million, equivalent to 90% of the total population, the...
Conference paper

A review on diaphragm behaviour and connections for multi-story modular buildings

In this paper, the characteristic requirements for inter-module connections with regard to structural and functional needs are identified and presented. An overview into few key aspects regarding multi-story modular building construction is also discussed.
Journal article

Dynamic loading on a prefabricated modular unit of a building during road transportation

Modular building construction is an emerging trend in the construction industry. During the course of road transportation of the modular unit of a building, vehicular vibrations on the truck-trailer may cause damage to components that are attached to the unit. The amount of dynamic loading...
Conference paper

Influence of diaphragm flexibility on the seismic performance of multi-story modular buildings

Modular buildings are those built using prefabricated volumetric units called modules. Due to modules being connected to each other at discrete locations, discontinuous structural systems are formed, where diaphragm discontinuity is a key issue and could result in diaphragms that are flexible. Multi-story modular buildings...