Jonathon Dore

Dr Jonathon Dore heads the data analytics team at Solar Analytics.
Journal article

Recent advances in the analysis of residential electricity consumption and applications of smart meter data

Highlights Methods and techniques for using smart meter data are analysed; forecasting clustering, classification and optimization. End use applications of smart meter data are reviewed. Performance of state of the art models are compared. Challenges associated with methods and application are identified. A new analysis...
Conference paper

Household electricity load forecasting using historical smart meter data with clustering and classification techniques

The uptake of smart grid technologies and increasing deployment of smart meters have brought greater attention on the analysis of individual household electricity consumption. Within the smart grid framework, home and battery energy management systems are becoming important demand side management tools with various benefits...
Conference paper

A method for classifying households to help forecasting their Photovoltaic electricity self-consumption patterns

Smart meter data can be used for various purposes within smart grids, including residential energy applications, such as Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) and Battery Energy Management Systems (BEMS). Considering the low feed-in tariffs for rooftop photovoltaic (PV) and increasing customer electricity prices, maximizing PV...
Journal article

Short-term forecasting of individual household electricity loads with investigating impact of data resolution and forecast horizon

Smart grid components such as smart home and battery energy management systems, high penetration of renewable energy systems, and demand response activities, require accurate electricity demand forecasts for the successful operation of the electricity distribution networks. For example, in order to optimize residential PV generation...