Marco Felici

Working paper

Respecting the subject in subjective wellbeing public policy: moving beyond the social planner paradigm

There is a rising tide of advocacy for public policy to be made on the basis of ‘subjective wellbeing’. In this paper, the authors argue that the vast majority of the associated policy proposals adopt the same ‘social planner perspective’ that undergirds conventional economic policy...
Working paper

Wellbeing public policy needs more theory

There is presently a groundswell of enthusiasm and advocacy for 'wellbeing public policy', especially as part of the movement to go 'beyond GDP'. While recognising the merits of this proposal, this paper advocates for a cautious approach, owing to our poor theoretical understanding of both...

Measuring wealth, delivering prosperity

As the consequences of climate change, social tensions and high levels of inequality are increasingly evident, the Bennett Institute for Public Policy has published this report for the Wealth Economy Project on how to improve economic measurement in order to guide effective economic policymaking.