Sean Speer

Policy report

Climatetiveness: what it takes for Canada to thrive in a net zero exporting world

Public policy has the crucial role to push the frontiers of innovation and technology in the name of winning the global race to net zero, which could be reflected in a new, low-carbon export strategy that marries domestic and international agendas. This policy paper makes...

People-centric economic development: lessons on international student retention from Atlantic Canada

The economic fortunes of rural Canada depend on attracting human capital. While international students are highly skilled and qualified candidates for settlement, they don't often stick around. PPF Fellow, Sean Speer, identifies lessons from two promising programs in Atlantic Canada which seem to be convincing...

Forgotten people and forgotten places: Canada’s economic performance in the age of populism

Donald Trump’s surprising election and the rise of populism in various other Western democracies is a salutary warning to Canadian policy-makers. It cannot be assumed that Canada is immune to these same forces. What are the causes of rising populism? What can policy-makers do to...