Ben Glover

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Research 4.0: research in the age of automation

This report seeks to understand what impact artificial intelligence (AI) is having on the United Kingdom’s research sector and what implications it has for its future, with a particular focus on academic research.

The liquidity trap: financial experience and inclusion in the liquid workforce

This report outlines how ‘liquid’ workers, such as gig economy workers and the self-employed, face greater barriers to financial inclusion compared to traditional workers. The report sets out a policy agenda to boost the financial security and inclusion of the liquid workforce.

Value added: how better government procurement can build a fairer Britain

A staggering 25 of the UK government’s 34 'strategic suppliers' have operations in tax havens, according to this report, which explores how central government could use public procurement more effectively to bring about a fairer economy.

Stand by me: managing wellbeing in the civil service during times of change

This report is the second part of a two-stage engagement process, designed by Demos with the Charity for Civil Servants, to build a practical, evidence-based handbook for supporting wellbeing during times of change within the civil service. This guide is intended to be a practical...

Research 4.0: interim report

This draft paper describes the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) through history and how it has led researchers to develop a range of techniques, including natural language programming and computer vision. It also examines these techniques and their practical application across different scientific fields, and...