Chris Thomas

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Resilient health and care: learning the lessons of COVID-19

This report argues that the UK government should take the opportunity to create a health system where resilience is considered efficient, where long-term thinking is encouraged, and where resources are allocated to deliver on it.

Care fit for carers

This report provides new evidence on the experience of the healthcare workforce during COVID-19 to date – from IPPR/YouGov polling of healthcare workers and the general public; an IPPR consultation; and from literature review.

Realising the neighbourhood NHS: delivering a new deal for primary care in England

This paper fulfils IPPR’s objective to advance physical health, by providing new evidence and ideas to improve the provision of primary and community care.
Briefing paper

A lost decade

This briefing paper sets out key tests for policymakers looking to take the required steps to mitigate Brexit, as part of a strategy to support and invest in the United Kingdom's life sciences industry.

The ‘make do and mend’ health service: solving the NHS’ capital crisis

The NHS has had historically low levels of capital investment. Compared to similarly advanced economies, this country’s capital investment has been very low. On average, a person living in the UK has missed out on almost £2,000 since 1975 – the equivalent of over £100...