William Reinsch

Alternate Name:
William A. Reinsch, William Alan Reinsch

Multilateral trade arrangements and climate provisions

This paper evaluates climate provisions in trade architectures and makes recommendations for including climate provisions, including sectoral standards, in trade arrangements in a way that encourages increased multilateral collaboration in a WTO-compliant manner.

Convergence and divergence: multilateral trade and climate agendas

If the international community wants to make meaningful progress ahead of the 2030 deadline—which critics argue is still too late to avert global catastrophe—major global players should work together to reduce emissions at home and abroad. This paper discusses the politics of climate policy in...

U.S. views on the trade and climate policy nexus

This paper, the first of two, analyses the domestic politics at the nexus of the Biden-Harris Administration’s policies on trade and climate.

Taking stock of government involvement in research and development

The positive impact of research and development (R&D) is well documented, but if mismanaged, government-driven R&D can create more problems than it solves. By examining success stories and failures of government-backed R&D efforts, policymakers can develop more effective programs that produce greater returns.

Does the United States renegotiate its trade agreements after they are signed?

This CSIS review examines recent trade agreements the United States entered into after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and reveals that a number of them were modified after signing.