Jenny Corbett

Working paper

Measuring Financial Integration: the network approach

While deeper financial integration is often considered conducive to the efficient allocation of resources and risk sharing, an increasingly important policy concern is whether it brings greater vulnerability to shocks. To address the latter concern, this paper uses a different approach to measuring financial integration...

After Fukushima: the outlook for Japan

On the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, the Lowy Institute convened a panel to discuss how Japan’s government, society and economy responded to the tragedy, and whether its effects will continue to shape Japan’s internal and external policies into the future.
Working paper

Capital injection, restructuring targets and personnel management

A case study of the Japanese bank recapitalization by Hoshi and Kashyap (2005) identified a bank that overstated the progress of required personnel downsizing by shifting employees to subsidiaries. This paper asks if the recapitalization program had a systematic flaw in design. We focus on...

Asia's economic transformation: implications for Australia

This policy brief details recent economic developments in four of Asia's largest economies - Japan, India, China and Indonesia - and assesses the implications of these changes for Australia. Jenny Corbett looks at how economic frustrations led to political change in Japan and argues that...