Danielle Thornton

Working paper

Reclaiming social security for a just future: a principled approach to reform

Australia’s current social security system is ill equipped to respond to the technological, demographic, environmental and geopolitical challenges the country faces. In this paper, the authors propose five indivisible principles to underpin Australia’s social security system, so that it contributes to a just, fair and...
Case study

Steering social innovation: community agencies and the commissioning of Education First Youth Foyers

In the spring of 2010, with a close state election contest on the horizon, the leadership of the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Hanover Welfare Services both saw a chance to win political support for innovation in the youth homelessness sector.
Journal article

Fault, gender politics and family law reform

Recent public debates about family law reform have revealed both support for and criticism of legislative policies that seek to shape social norms. Amidst this debate was a suggestion from some quarters that the Whitlam Government's removal of fault-based divorce is responsible for the gendered...