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Susanna Rouillard


Benchmarking tree canopy in Sydney’s hot schools

Analyses provided in this report will assist the development of the most effective tree planting strategies for each of Sydney’s 100 hot schools.

School microclimates

Based on empirical data collections, this report provides more than twenty practical recommendations on how to reduce the impacts of outdoor heat.

Benchmarking summer heat across Penrith, New South Wales

This report documents variation of summer temperatures across Penrith, in Western Sydney. Between 14 December 2019 and 31 March 2020, more than 1.4 million measurements of air temperatures were collected using 120 data loggers.

Benchmarking heat across Campbelltown City, New South Wales

The compounding effects of climate change and rapid urbanisation cause cities to heat up. The communities of Campbelltown City in the southern region of the Greater Sydney Basin already experience extreme summer temperatures and heatwave conditions. Until now, the magnitude of air temperature variation in...

Benchmarking heat across Cumberland Council, New South Wales

This report examines microclimatic variation across the LGA of Cumberland Council, New South Wales. During the summer of 2018/19, more than 1.4 million individual measurements of air temperature were recorded at 97 locations in and around the LGA. Our data analyses revealed that communities living...