Paul Cleary

Paul Cleary is a writer and researcher whose work has influenced public policy in Australia for more than two decades. As a journalist in the Canberra Press Gallery his reporting on material he obtained under FoI law led to a Senate inquiry into the GST and beneficial changes for low income people. He is the author of non-fiction five books and has recently focussed on the resources boom and the results for Indigenous Australians. He has a PhD from the Australian National University for a thesis on native title negotiations in the Pilbara, WA.

In good hands: the people and communities behind Aboriginal-led solutions

This report shows Indigenous knowledge is being applied successfully in a wide range of services and business activities, with good results for Indigenous peoples and, when government funding is involved, a great return on investment.
Journal article

Native title contestation in Western Australia's Pilbara region

The rights afforded to Indigenous Australians under the Native Title Act 1993 are very limited and allow for undue coercion by corporate interests, argues this paper.