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The fifth estate: state of the nation

How does this year's budget sit against those of the past – and those potentially to come?

The fifth estate: democracy in action

‘Democracy is the worst form of government,’ Winston Churchill famously said, ‘except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time’. But democracies come in very different shapes and sizes. And they’re always evolving; sometimes in response to pressure from within the...

The fifth estate: safe harbour

In the past decade, Australia’s stance towards asylum seekers has changed radically. No longer assumed to be refugees fleeing persecution, asylum seekers are now often described as 'illegal immigrants'. In recent weeks, there have been allegations that both major parties have paid people smugglers to...

The fifth estate: sizing up government

Overview As the dust settles on this year’s federal budget, the Fifth Estate turns its eye to matters economic with Ross Gittins, economics editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, and public policy experts Miriam Lyons and Ian McAuley. While the Federal Government expects to spend...

The fifth estate: Greg Combet: unions, Labor and leadership

Join host Sally Warhaft for this Fifth Estate spotlight interview with Greg Combet, where they discuss the Australian labour movement, the state of our democracy and parliament, the future of the ALP and life after politics for a man many thought a good chance as...