Carsten Jung


The public sector needs a real pay rise

The authors of this report call on the UK Government to restore public sector pay to 2019/20 levels. This would go beyond the government's recent below-inflation pay offers and thereby undo the real-terms pay cuts which public sector workers have suffered as a result of...

The end of greenwashing? Driving decarbonisation in the real economy

This paper sets out how state and private firms can work together to ensure that net zero transition plans are a tool for reducing emissions in the real economy. These plans not just important to businesses and investors but will be a vital source of...

Spending and stability: how much fiscal space does the UK have?

This briefing outlines the current macroeconomic situation and disentangles the binding constraints on fiscal policy in the United Kingdom in the short term and the medium term.

Prices and profits after the pandemic

This analysis shows that the profits of the largest non-financial companies were up 34 per cent at the end of 2021, compared to pre-pandemic levels – rising significantly faster than inflation and wage growth. This report argues that some firms could have considerable market power...

Prosperity and justice after the pandemic

The inequalities across the UK is starting to play out in our politics. People do not believe that their voices are being heard and feel disempowered. This report outlines policy options to aid in creating an economy that delivers both prosperity and justice for all...