Matthew Lloyd-Cape

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Matt Lloyd-Cape

Light as air: regulating short term rentals in Australia

The impact of short-term rental platforms, such as Airbnb, has become increasingly problematic in Australia’s residential rental market. This paper examines the Airbnb market in six different regions of Australia to explore what effects are at play, and to determine what regulatory interventions would be...

Regulating rentals in Australia: what works?

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Jennifer Sam
With almost a third of households in Australia now renting, a spotlight has been thrown upon the poor conditions in many parts of the national rental market. This paper seeks to shed some light on a heated debate. It examines the data to establish if...

Glass ceilings: gendered inequality in the housing system

Women experience disadvantages across a range of social and economic indicators. Whether in education, the job market, unpaid domestic labour or the superannuation system, women consistently experience poorer outcomes than men. This paper explores some of the gendered inequalities within the housing system, based on...

Housing affordability: experiences, attitudes, and appetite for change

The Australian Housing Monitor is a new, annual survey of public attitudes toward, and experiences of, housing. This report provides some of the headline results from the inaugural survey.

Evidence based policy analysis: 20 case studies

The aim of this project was to coax more evidence-based policy decisions by all tiers of government in Australia by reviewing and rating 20 high profile government decisions against the Wiltshire business case criteria.