Albert Palazzo

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Why be strong? The Swiss and Australian responses to fear

Defence thinkers routinely identify Australia as one of the safest countries in the world. However, Australia’s future is likely to be more dangerous and troubling than its past has been. This paper discusses the comparison between Swiss and Australian approaches to threatening strategic environments.
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From dependency to armed neutrality: future options for Australian national security

This paper considers Australia's future security options, advocating a holistic methodology that examines traditional security challenges within the context of the natural world, including climate change.

Coming to terms with the modern way of war: precision missiles and the land component of Australia's joint force

Introduction The Australian Government intends to acquire land-based strike capabilities in the 2020s. While these sorts of capabilities are not new to many of the armies of the world, they signify a distinct shift in the character of the Australian Army, which has lacked a...
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Forging Australian land power: a primer

For military organisations, the aftermath of a war represents an opportunity to rest and refit, to think about the lessons so painfully learned and to preserve those of enduring value in education, training and doctrine. Arguably of even more importance, it is a time to...

The Australian Army and the war in Iraq 2002 - 2010

This report, written by Albert Palazzo, an Australian Army official, details Australia’s participation in the Iraq War. Once classified 'secret,' the report was released with 500 redactions and referred to by the Army as an 'unofficial history that reflects the author’s own views.'