Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings PSM has been Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute since 30 April 2012. He previously served as Defence adviser to the Federal Opposition (1990–93), Chief of Staff to the Minister for Defence (1996–98), and head of the Strategic Policy Branch in the Department of Defence (1998–99). In late 1999, he was co-director of the East Timor Policy Unit, responsible for developing Australia’s policy approaches to the international peacekeeping operation in East Timor. He was appointed the Deputy Director of the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation in 2002. He was a senior adviser in the Prime Minister’s office responsible for developing a strategic policy framework for Cabinet in 2002–03. He was the Deputy Secretary Strategy in the Department of Defence in 2010–12. He was awarded the Public Service Medal in the Australia Day 2013 Honours List for outstanding public service through the development of Australia’s strategic and defence policy, particularly in the areas of Australian Defence Force operations in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

After COVID-19: Australia and the world rebuild (Volume 1)

This report offers a policy-focused analysis of the world Australia will face once the pandemic has passed. It analyses 26 key topics, countries and themes, ranging from Australia’s domestic situation through to the global balance of power, climate and technology issues.

The case for a new defence white paper

Successful defence white papers have to find the right resting place between four sets of demands: politics; strategy and policy; military capability; and money. That's what makes them so interesting, and also so hard to do well.

Agenda for change 2019: strategic choices for the next government

This publication contains thirty short essays that cover a vast range of subjects, from the big geostrategic challenges of our times, through to defence strategy; border, cyber and human security; and key emergent technologies.

Huawei and Australia's 5G network

Australia’s 5G network is critical national infrastructure and this was one of the most important policy decisions the government had to make this year.

Australia in space: views from The Strategist

The first of July 2018 marks an important day for Australia’s quest to become a more important actor in space, with the creation of an Australian Space Agency. For the first time, Australia looks to have direction, coordination and focus in its endeavours beyond Earth...