Claire Kumar

Working paper

Decarbonising the UK’s building stock: can immigration policy help solve workforce challenges?

The United Kingdom has made significant commitments to both low carbon heating and energy efficiency. However little progress has been made and the country has fallen far behind the rest Europe. This paper suggests five immigration policy options to support the development of the United...

Migration and the future of care: supporting older people and care workers

This report analyses the intersection between the older persons’ care sector and migration. The report concludes with recommendations to policy-makers in high-income, rapidly ageing countries that are struggling with these issues.
Working paper

Beyond gratitude: lessons learned from migrants’ contribution to the COVID-19 response

This paper recognises and values the fundamental contribution of migrant workers to our societies and economies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. That contribution has always been vital, but a year of the devastating pandemic has provided the most compelling insight to date into the essential role...