William Stoltz

Alternate Name:
William A. Stoltz, William Albert Stoltz
Policy report

A regrettable necessity: the future of Australian covert action

This paper analyses the most unexamined component of Australia’s international statecraft - covert action. Such activity by intelligence agencies has become an increased focus of academic research internationally, and the paper introduces an Australian perspective to the debate.
Policy report

Improving national security governance: options for strengthening Cabinet control and parliamentary oversight

This policy options paper proposes reforms to bolster the capacity of Australia's leaders to hold national security institutions accountable as Australia moves into an era of heightened strategic complexity and risk.
Policy report

A 2020 vision for Five Eyes: new structures for new challenges

This paper recommends that the Australian government should leverage its Five Eyes partnerships and credibility as a constructive middle power to advocate for an expanded, more formally coordinated Five Eyes.