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Everyday humanitarianism during the 2019/2020 Australian bushfire crisis

The specific purpose of this rapid scoping project is to identify, describe and, where possible, map the location of the humanitarian behaviours enacted by individuals and community groups in response to the bushfire crisis. This focus of this study is on the activities and initiatives...

Swinburne leadership survey: index of leadership for the greater good

The Swinburne Leadership Survey is the flagship research program of the Swinburne Leadership Institute that examines Australian’s beliefs about the nation’s leaders and citizens. Conducted in late 2014, the Swinburne Leadership Survey is a benchmark study and underpins our goal of contributing to the renewal...
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On leadership, continuity, and the common good

The public interest. The public good. The common good. All these terms describe ways of thinking about our collective selves and our shared interests that transcend our memberships of such groups as families, teams, and workplaces that typically inform our understanding of who we are...
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Leadership tools for wicked problems

Leadership for the Greater Good is not easy to achieve. Many of the issues leaders face are so complex that they have been called ‘wicked problems’ – not in the sense of being evil, but because they seem almost intractable. Patience, insight and collaboration are...

Feeling connected to the future: Why you can't be a leader without it!

In this talk, Samuel Wilson discusses our tendency to focus on the short-term in the context of psychological connectedness, defined as the sense of continuity or connection we experience, or imagine, between our past, present and future selves.
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