Todd Litman

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Autonomous vehicle implementation predictions: implications for transport planning

This report explores autonomous (also called self-driving, driverless or robotic) vehicle benefits and costs, and implications for various planning issues.

Parking requirement impacts on housing affordability

This report examines the impacts of residential parking requirements (the number of off-street parking spaces mandated at a particular location) on housing affordability. It also describes more efficient and equitable strategies that support social and environmental goals.

Congestion costing critique

The Urban Mobility Report (UMR) is a widely-cited study that quantifies and monetises (measures in monetary units) traffic congestion costs in U.S. metropolitan regions. This report critically examines the UMR’s assumptions and methods. The UMR reflects an older planning paradigm which assumes that “transportation” means...

Comprehensive and multi-modal urban transport planning

Transport planning is experiencing a paradigm shift; that is, a change in the way that problems are defined and solutions evaluated. The old paradigm is mobility-based. It assumes that the planning objective is to maximise travel speed, and evaluates transport system performance based primarily on...