Cai Fang


China’s domestic transformation in a global context

China’s new growth rate is both slower and imposing difficult structural change. This book offers both global context and domestic insight into this challenging new phase of China’s domestic economic transformation.

Take-off, persistence, and sustainability: the demographic factor of Chinese growth

An analysis of the factors that contributed to economic growth in China in the past three decades. Abstract With the reduction of the working-age population and the increase of the population dependency ratio as the main characteristics of the demographic dividend having disappeared, China’s potential...

Deepening reform for China’s long-term growth and development

The Chinese economy has entered a new phase of development in which sources of growth are not so much dependent upon pure increases in labour, investment and credit expansion, but from productivity improvement, structural changes, technological progress and the benefits from improvement of the social...

China: a new model for growth and development

The Chinese economy is undergoing profound change in policy and structure. The change is necessary to increase the value of growth to the Chinese community, and to sustain growth into the future. The changes are so comprehensive and profound that they represent a new model...