Paul Boreham

Briefing paper

An industry policy for Queensland

Many countries are pursuing innovation-led industry policies engaging in long-run strategic investments to create and shape industry trajectories rather than just responding to problems of industry decline. This has required public agencies to lead and direct the creation of new technological opportunities and innovations. The...

Targeting the profits of illicit drug trafficking through proceeds of crime action

This study sought to identify the disruptive effect of proceeds of crime action on criminal activity, and to identify factors associated with successful proceeds of crime action. Executive summary Illicit drug trafficking is a source of funds for further trafficking and for supporting the lifestyles...
Conference paper

Social determinants and regional disparity of unemployment duration in Australia: a multilevel approach

The economic and social costs associated with unproductive time spent in labour market transitions between jobs and between unemployment and employment have been the subject of recent policy debate. There is now broad support for policies that provide both positive and negative incentives to those...