Stephen Mills


Dirty deeds, done for considerable amounts of money

The week’s two big political campaigning scandals — Cambridge Analytica’s data-harvesting and Labor’s funding scam in Victoria — highlight the temptations facing parties desperate to win government. For Labor, an Ombudsman’s report on the affair places valuable information in the hands of the Victorian Opposition.

Rules for Radicals comes to Carrum

Labor’s campaigning in Victoria had a lineage stretching back to community activist Saul Alinsky via Barack Obama AS THE VICTORIAN Liberals begin the dispiriting task of working out why they lost last month’s winnable election campaign, they could do worse than to ferret out a...

Peephole to power

Private secretary, chief of staff, enforcer? A look at the role of the prime minister’s most influential gatekeeper In the wall of prime minister Bob Hawke’s office in the old Parliament House there was a tiny hole, about the size of a thumbnail. It was...

Labor’s history wars roll on

Paralysed leader or bad advice? A new account of the Rudd–Gillard government looks at what it says about the party’s future Troy Bramston’s readable quickie sets out to advise the leadership of the Labor Party on how to avoid the disasters that befell the Rudd...