Karen Freeman

Briefing paper

Has the rate of domestic and family violence changed in NSW? Victim survey results from July 2008 to June 2020

This research aimed to examine prevalence and trends in domestic and family violence in New South Wales, as indicated by crime victim survey results. This report outlines the findings of the research, with one key finding being that trends in the rate of domestic violence...
Briefing paper

Domestic and family violence by juvenile offenders: offender, victim and incident characteristics

This study of domestic violence perpetrated by juveniles has found that in the majority of cases the victim is a family member, typically the parent of the offender.

Is domestic violence in NSW decreasing?

Both crime victim survey data and recorded crime data suggest that the victimisation rate for domestic and family violence has declined in NSW over the time period examined.

Have New South Wales criminal courts become more lenient in the past 20 years?

Aim: To investigate whether the NSW Higher and Local Courts have become more lenient across a range of offence categories. Method: Examination of trends from 1994 to 2013 in bail outcomes, the use of imprisonment as a sanction for convicted offenders, and average length of...

Young but not so restless: trends in the age-specific rate of offending

Aim: To describe and discuss trends in age-specific rates of offending for property crime, robbery and serious assault. Method: Descriptive statistics and graphical displays. Results: The number of people apprehended by police for property crime and robbery has fallen sharply since around 2001 and is...