Stephanie Ramsey

Briefing paper

Understanding the decline in Aboriginal young people in custody in NSW from 2015 to 2019

This paper examines the recent downward trend of young Aboriginal people being imprisoned in New South Wales.

​An update of long-term trends in violent and property crime in New South Wales: 1990-2017

Analyses the trends in the rates of annual recorded incidents of ten categories of property and violent crime for the period 1990 to 2017 in New South Wales.

Recent trends in arrests for drug driving

As a result of the NSW Police Force conducting more mobile roadside drug tests, the number of persons charged and consequently found guilty of drug driving has rapidly increased since 2015.

​Reporting rates of assaults at The Star casino by licensed premises staff

Abstract Aim: To determine whether there has been any change in the rate of reporting of assaults at The Star casino by staff before and after the lockout reforms were introduced in February 2014. This paper also briefly examines the characteristics of both offenders and...

What’s causing the growth in Indigenous imprisonment in NSW?

Examines the rise in the NSW Indigenous prison population. Method: Descriptive analysis of trends in bail, sentencing and court appearances. Results: The rise in Indigenous imprisonment in NSW is due to a combination of higher rates of arrest resulting in conviction, a greater likelihood of...