Jock Given

Research interests: Media and communications policy and history; Broadcasting; Media ownership; Digital TV and radio; Broadband; International trade agreements

Whatever happened to spectrum reform?

Should we renovate the process we have for allocating the airwaves, or knock it down and start again?

Media ownership scramble

Media owners appear to be scrambling to take advantage of new legislative changes. And amid the flurry, a deal confirmed yesterday between James Packer's PBL company and a group called CVC Asia Pacific has suddenly given Mr Packer an awful lot of ready money for...

Learning fast: broadband and the future of education

Educational institutions have always had a central place in the online age. Before the advent of high-speed broadband, other communications technologies and services also played a big role in education. University researchers were among the first Australian users of what became known as the Internet...

Universities as media organisations: a panel discussion

The Internet has transformed the possibilities and helped to change the practices for universities as media organisations. This discussion explores two new media initiatives at the University of Melbourne: The Conversation, an online news and information service launched in March 2011, for which the university...

Online video in Australia: exploring audiovisual fiction sites

Online video has grown rapidly in recent years. One in five Australians (14 years and over) reported viewing online video via a PC 'in the last four weeks' in 2010, nearly double the figure in 2008, according to Roy Morgan. Other researchers estimate much higher...