Jock Given

Research interests: Media and communications policy and history; Broadcasting; Media ownership; Digital TV and radio; Broadband; International trade agreements

Whatever happened to spectrum reform?

Should we renovate the process we have for allocating the airwaves, or knock it down and start again?

Will the 5G network supersede the NBN?

Will speeds provided by the new 5G network make home internet connections redundant?

5G's new frontier

Backers of 5G promise breathtaking speed and ultra-reliability. But does Australia need its own vision for the new wireless networks? Jock Given takes a closer look.

TV streams into the future

What might television look like in a year’s time, in a few years’ time, in a decade? Jock Given, Michael Brealey and Cathy Gray asked twenty-five people from across the industry and beyond. . The last quarter of 2014 and the early months of 2015...

Television 2025: reconsidering small screen media in Australia

What might television and video look like in a year’s time, in a few years’ time, in a decade? We came up with 20 questions and put them to 25 people. Between November 2014 and April 2015, we interviewed those 25 people from free-to-air and...