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Lia Kent


Hybridity on the ground in peacebuilding and development

The authors in this interdisciplinary collection draw on their in‑depth knowledge of peacebuilding and development contexts in different parts of Asia, the Pacific and Africa to examine the messy and dynamic realities of hybridity ‘on the ground’.

Chega! Ten years on: a neglected national resource

Assesses the impact of Chega!, the commission that documented human rights violations committed throughout Indonesia's 24-year-long occupation of Timor-Leste. It is now 10 years since the publication of Chega! (the final report of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation, known by its Portuguese acronym...

A new era? Timor-Leste after the UN

Overview Timor-Leste has made impressive progress since its historic achievement of independence in 2002. From the instability that blighted its early years, the fledgling democratic country has achieved strong economic growth and a gradual reinstatement of essential social services. A decade on in 2012, Presidential...
Discussion paper

Remembering the past, shaping the future: memory frictions and nation-making in Timor-Leste

This paper investigates state-sponsored memorialisation and commemoration in Timor-Leste and what effect that it has on nation building efforts. Introduction Among policy-makers working in the field of peace-building, there is growing interest in how initiatives to memorialise or commemorate the violent past might contribute to...
Discussion paper

Influences and echoes of Indonesia in Timor-Leste

This paper presents four case studies that highlight how Indonesia and Timor-Leste remain intricately entwined at the social, political, cultural and personal levels. Abstract Since 1999, when a United Nations (UN) transitional administration was established in the wake of the East Timorese vote for independence...