Norman Abjorensen


The negotiator

Viewed warmly on both sides of politics and in the media, the federal finance minister is playing a vital role for the government.

Prime Minister in waiting?

Norman Abjorensen argues in this article that it would be a mistake not to take Peter Dutton MP seriously.

How they invented the prime minister

The Australian prime ministership was created out of almost nothing during the first five decades of the twentieth century A VISITOR to Australia, knowing nothing of the country, its history or its institutions, might consult the constitution, the official rule book, to understand how Australia...
Discussion paper

Not good news: Australia's shrinking media freedoms

Introduction A creeping authoritarianism and a pronounced lack of diversity are making their impact felt on Australia’s already fragile media landscape. Despite Australia’s traditions of freedom and its status as a long-time liberal democracy, its ranking in terms of press freedom has fallen below that...

An anatomy of Abbott’s army

What unites the group of Liberals who want to steer the party away from its roots? BACK in the early 1980s, a seemingly invincible Neville Wran strung together a series of Labor victories in New South Wales that left the Liberal Party teetering on the...