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Garry McDonald


Cost benefit analysis and economic impact analysis of the Kiribati Marine Training Centre

Kiribati is a country facing numerous economic, social, demographic and environmental challenges. It is a country with limited natural resources. Infertile soils, severely restricted land and water resources coupled with limited economic prospects renders Kiribati a developing nation. Kiribati’s population are geographically spread across 32...
Technical report


Armyworms are caterpillar pests of grass pastures and cereal crops. They are the only caterpillars that growers are likely to encounter in cereal crops, although occasionally native budworm will also attack grain when underlying weed hosts dry out.
Technical report

Native budworm

The native budworm (Helicoverpa punctigera or, as it was known, Heliothis punctigera) is native to Australia and is distributed, particularly during spring, throughout much of the central and southern regions of the country. It is the major pest of all grain legumes, although pea weevil...