Alison Elliott

Professor Alison Elliott has extensive research, teaching and policy experience in higher education and specifically in teacher education programs that prepare educators for teaching roles with young children in early childhood contexts and schools.

Journal article

The Early Years Learning Framework in Remote Australia

Every Child puts the spotlight on the early years of childhood. Published quarterly, it contains informative articles on such issues as health, education and social trends, and also book reviews, profiles and guest statements from well-known identities. Articles focus on aspects of early childhood from...

Early childhood education: pathways to quality and equity for all children

The provision of early childhood care and education services in this country is insufficient, fragmented, under funded and inconsistent, according to this report. Alison Elliott calls for a coherent, long-term national action plan and timeline to develop and implement an integrated, well-funded, regulated and managed...

An evaluation of the Bachelor of Learning Management at Central Queensland University

Lawrence Ingvarson, Adrian Beavis, Charlotte Danielson, Louise Ellis and Alison Elliott for that graduates of the Bachelor of Learning Management degree believed that they were better prepared for the first year of teaching than graduates from other Queensland universities. That finding was supported by an...

Educational imperatives for a digital world

It is well over twenty years since the widespread introduction of computers in schools. But rarely does a day pass when there isn't debate about information and communication technology access, cost, training and quality. Most schools would say they don't have enough computers, that teachers...

Alternatives to school suspensions

ACER's Research Director of Early Childhood Education, Alison Elliott, recently contributed the following opinion article to Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper regarding trends for suspending students from school.
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