Jennifer Day

Conference paper

Undermining the tunnel: the problem-solution nexus of Melbourne's East-West tunnel

This paper explores the development of the ‘problem-solution nexus’ of a cancelled mega urban transport project in Melbourne, Australia. The East-West Link (Eastern Section) was the most recent iteration of a cross-town motorway connection that has been proposed numerous times since the 1960s, most recently...
Conference paper

Small urban manufacturing in Melbourne, Australia: an issues framing paper

Small urban manufacturers (‘makers’) are scattered throughout the inner suburbs of Australian cities. Makers differ in many ways from traditional industry in the small-scale of their operations, their connection to their materials, tools and methods, their commitment to their neighbourhood and community, and their philosophical...
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Activity centre policy effects on employment clustering: a spatial study of job density in Melbourne, Australia

This paper considers the relationship between Victorian Government activity centre (AC) policies between 2001 and 2011, and employment clusters that have formed in the same period.
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Don't fence me in: Understanding local government decisions to allocate and fence public open space for dogs in Melbourne, Australia

This study examines the rationales of key actors in local government in making decisions about fencing public open spaces for dogs and builds an overarching understanding of how different councils allocate public open space for dogs.
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Methodological challenges in critical analysis of institutional discourses of residential multi-occupancy in Melbourne

This paper reports on in-progress work that critically analyses how multi-occupancy household-dwelling relationships are constituted in property discourses, including whether and how these discourses reflect or even incite binaries of 'mainstream' and 'other' living configurations.