Tony Sorensen

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The folly of regional policy

Over the years, regional policy have proved to be the Commonwealth's most misguided policy endeavours. This paper defines the 'regional problem', the concept of 'balanced development' and traces key government reports to explore the uncertainty and complexity of the regional policy environment from the Commonwealth...
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Tilting at windmills: regional development policy

The Federal Government seems to be treating rural and regional Australia as a homogeneous entity in both problem and policy terms. Yet broadbrush measures like the recent pledge of $1.8 billion to the regions could do more harm than good.
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The Psychology of Regional Development

Regional development policy is an enduring function of government, but it has adopted many different styles from top-down activism to, more recently, assisting local communities to take greater control of their own destinies. For example, conventional wisdom advocates empowering local leaderships, conducting SWOT surveys and...

Leadership and local development: dimensions of leadership in four Central Queensland towns

Effective community leadership is increasingly recognised in Australia, as elsewhere, as an important contributor to local economic and social development. This article examines the nature of community leadership in four Central Queensland towns as part of a wider project to test the links between it...
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Changing Governance of Australian Regional Development: Systems and Effectiveness

Regional economic and social development is an important public issue in most countries, yet among the least successful. In Australia, some 40 years of trial and error regional strategy appear to have had limited success in securing long-range economic and social development leading to more...