Ann Scott


Palaszczuk’s second year: an overview of 2016

This publication is the fifth in a series of Queensland political chronicles published by the TJ Ryan Foundation since 2012. Through a collection of themed chapters, the book’s authors provide an ‘overview’ assessment of the second year in office of the Palaszczuk Government in Queensland...

The Queensland origins of One Nation

In this analysis, Emeritus Professor Roger Scott and Adjunct Professor Ann Scott revisit Queensland's political history, arguing that the state has a long-standing tradition of accommodating ultra-conservative views within the political process. At times this has taken place within the dominant Country/National Party and, at...

The Newman years: rise, decline and fall

'The Newman Years: Rise, Decline and Fall' is a collection of articles published between 2014 and 2015 on the TJ Ryan Foundation website. The TJ Ryan Foundation is a progressive think tank focussing on Queensland public policy and public administration. Edited by Dr Ann Scott...