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Mike Steketee


Is Goodstart just the beginning?

Can a successful social investment model be used in aged care and elsewhere?

The slippery slope of officially sanctioned lying

Expecting the major parties to call a truce in the battle of escalating lies is a big ask. But given the level of trust in our political system, their ultimate survival may depend on it.

Beyond the political duopoly

Our political currency has become so devalued that perhaps it’s time for a royal commission into politics. Just look at what it’s done for the banks!

Confidence cliffhanger

Faced with the temptations of negative campaigning, can the parties respond to a steep fall in voter trust?

Margaret Thatcher's message to the future

What passes for leadership these days seems to be meeting the demands of an undisciplined Liberal Party and ignoring the national interest, and so the past is catching up with a climate-sceptical Australian government, writes Mike Steketee.