Rosalie Schultz

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Closing the Gap and the Sustainable Development Goals: listening to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This article asserts that for Australia to overcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage and reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a major transformation of current policies and practices will be required.
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Prevalences of overweight and obesity among children in remote Aboriginal communities in central Australia

The chronic diseases associated with overweight and obesity are major contributors to the excess disease burden of Aboriginal Australians. Surveillance of overweight and obesity is required to monitor these conditions, and to develop and evaluate interventions to improve health and wellbeing. Remote Aboriginal communities in...
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Improving preventive health care in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary care settings

Preventable chronic disease is the largest contributor to the health differential between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, but recommended best-practice preventive care is not consistently provided to Indigenous Australians.

Preventive health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: final report

This report provides up-to date and comprehensive data on the quality of preventive care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from 137 primary health centres across Australia. Incorporating perspectives from a wide range of stakeholders on priority evidence-practice gaps and barriers, enablers and strategies...
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