Peter Gluckman

Sir Peter Gluckman held the role of the NZ Prime Minister's Chief Science advisor since it was established in 2008. He was replaced by Professor Juliet Gerrard in July 2018.
Alternate Name:
Sir Peter Gluckman

The future of food & the primary sector: the journey to sustainability

This discussion paper has been developed by Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures through a series of conversations with industry leaders, scientists and stakeholders. It seeks to further conversation on the issues confronting the future of New Zealand’s agricultural and food production system.

New Zealand’s place in the world: the implications of COVID-19

The third report in this series discusses how New Zealand can leverage its high international standing and hopefully COVID-19-free status for economic and diplomatic advantage. The insights from this paper have been informed by two focus groups comprising experts in domestic and international trade, diplomacy...

The future is now: implications of COVID-19 for New Zealand

The first report in this series focuses on the long-term challenges and opportunities posed by COVID-19, and how New Zealand’s future can be shaped in an informed and inclusive way.

He oranga hou: social cohesion in a post-COVID world

The second report in this series examines the critical issue of how New Zealand’s strong national unity during lockdown will become increasingly tested as economic consequences are more and more acutely felt. In mapping out the paths to return to the ‘new normal’, how do...

Mitigating agricultural greenhouse gas emissions: strategies for meeting New Zealand’s goals

This report aims to present a high-level perspective on what would be needed to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and greater offsets, in the agricultural sector. It also identifies gaps in knowledge or other barriers that need to be overcome if agriculture is...