Efty Stavrou


Changing age profile of NSW offenders

Aim: To report on the age profile of the NSW offender population with particular attention given to older offenders. Method: This is a descriptive study utilising criminal court data from BOCSAR’s Reoffending Database and inmate census data from Corrective Services NSW. Results: Older offenders increasingly...

Intimate partner violence against women in Australia: related factors and help-seeking behaviours

Aim: To determine which factors were associated with (1) female experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV), (2) female reporting of physical or sexual assault by an intimate partner to the police and (3) females seeking help and support after experiencing IPV.

Breach rate of Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders in NSW

Aim: To estimate the proportion of ADVOs breached and identify factors associated with a breach of a final order. Method: Details of all ADVOs granted between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2014 (inclusive) were extracted from the NSW COPS database and linked to breach...

The revised group risk assessment model (GRAM 2): assessing risk of reoffending among adults given non-custodial sanctions

Of 81,199 adult offenders, 26% reoffended within two years of the index appearance. AimTo re-examine the Group Risk Assessment Model (GRAM) for predicting reoffending in adults given non-custodial sentences and to assess the accuracy of the model.

Parole release authority and re-offending

Aim: To determine whether recidivism was associated with parole release authority; and to determine whether re-offending was also related to being under supervision or not. Method: Time to first proven re-offence was examined for 1,644 matched offenders who served between 18 and 36 months in...