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Merja Myllylahti


Google, Facebook and New Zealand news media: the problem of platform dependency

This report provides important data on the relationship between web platforms and New Zealand news organisations. It gives an overview of Google and Facebook’s position in the New Zealand media market, media companies’ website traffic patterns, and an assessment of media companies’ dependency on traffic...

JMAD New Zealand media ownership report 2016

This JMAD New Zealand media ownership report observes that New Zealand media institutions are facing major changes in ownership and management, but it is not clear what combinations will eventually emerge.

Company results wrap: news publishers are transforming, but into what?

New research on the business models of Fairfax and APN from 2004 to 2013 confirms the two companies have failed to transform their revenue structures from print to digital. However, Fairfax CEO, Greg Hywood, argues that the company’s 2016 full year result is “proof that...