Colin Wiltshire


Papua New Guinea's primary health care system: views from the frontline

This report aims to provide insights into how recent PNG government reform efforts are impacting on the primary health care system. Overall, the findings suggest that major health policies and broader reforms implemented under the O’Neill Government to strengthen the health system were struggling to...
Briefing paper

The voter as commodity: the phenomenon of cross-border voter registration in Solomon Islands

In the lead-up to the 2019 election, cross-border registration — that is, voters shifting their registration to a new constituency — emerged as a significant political phenomenon and a major topic of public commentary. What was going on?

Reporting corruption from within Papua New Guinea’s public financial management system

Abstract This paper reports on an innovative approach to expand corruption reporting practices in PNG based on the experiences of public officials using this new reporting mechanism. Overall, the findings show that the service has been well utilised, with hundreds of ongoing investigations and several...