Caroline Winter


The EU’s directive on copyright in the digital single market

On March 26, 2019, the European Parliament adopted the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, legislation intended to update copyright laws for the digital age across the European Union. This article takes a look at the responses to this legislation both in the...
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Calls to change building code for heat stress resistance

There are calls for changes to the nation's building code to ensure homes are heat stress resistant in summer. A study has found new 'energy efficient' homes can actually be less resistant to heat than older double-brick homes. As a result, Australian's are becoming more...

Australian research to come under tougher assessment

Australian research is set to come under tougher assessment criteria, to ensure it delivers economic and social benefits.

Carnell report misses the point on aged care reform

A raft of aged care experts say the 'Carnell Report' has missed the point, and the focus needs to be on staffing ratios and training.

Calls for teacher training to deal with inappropriate sexual behaviour by primary students

There are calls for more training for teachers to help them deal with problematic sexual behaviour in primary schools.